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Parcels of Marbles

by I'm turning into

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Ethical A.i.
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Ethical A.i. This album never gets old for me, wish they had it in vinyl! Favorite track: Michigan Sun.
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Blue Mile 02:11
For where we've been You'd think I'd tired from moving on in denial of a tired old road Dare to dream big cause I'm tired of running out of your fire I'm moving on the clear blue mile That I thought I'd move with my lone little sweeper Lone, lonely lone I want live I want you Oh, I will drink from my palms under oasis trees Keeping it real with my love I think I'll know when they say, I hope I'm done See them cheer him on Float on down Never hold her heart out to bruise on the mile of a loon
my face is burning and my nose is wet and cold my heart is racing but it's got no where to go so just sit back relax, it's just a reflex, it's uncontrolled and I know nothing's gonna come of it if i don't talk about it. i'm an asshole, it's a hassle baby every single thought in my head is turning circles like I'm urkel if I could just kiss you once, once and for a while it would be so cool, yeah cool am I a mountain or a dormant volcano? am i eroding or am i about to blow? i don't know
Waiting--- for a time.  It's alright. It's ok by me.  Hoping, today will be the day that I am struck by lightning.  I sure am bothered by the fact that... What'll you do when your boss is giving you the fish eye?  (Well I think that he can take his job and shove it) Get all the boys we're gonna go behind the school and get high.     (Excercise our minds but can't exercise self control)  That little cutie Jennys got an ass to make the government cry. (I will spare myself and force these thoughts out of my mind) Don't look now we're being tallied by the FBI. (They never showed the proper concern for my feelings!) Go and tell your Ma and Pa we're headed for the promised land.  Our heads are banging up against the wall and we'll keep banging til we understand. Dreaming... of the day that I forgot my-- oh, um something.  I find a way to justify my me and it's alright, as long as I have got this juicy meat to chew on, but when my table is empty..! Stamping our feet at the fun center once in a while     (Willy bully will he ask me will he give me money?) Left my jelly bellies in the back of Max's Cadillac car        (I'm not fat or slack it's just my serotonin's out of...! )
Super 03:18
Can you feel the rain upon our cover, my love The light on this very pavement is innocent; here I come We'll fire our mirrors and clean out our rooms, my love My love, my love, I hope I am wrong The color of my heart bowled a town over No one's stayed on your lily pad that can back that up Whoa, blow me down Blow me down Have you planned to work at my room cleaning up (Have you planned to be "enough, I know," cleaning up?) I'm aware you've met a sleeting in your heart. (Cannot seem to fit all that comes with it in your heart.  Here I am.  I just want to...) I walked an entry out, but when you ran out, the I love calmed down For a little while, it passed on
and so it goes you're my only friend we'll be together until the end having fun fun like a gun back up the rope you're my only hope they're cracking down and i'm choking up choking up hoping to fuck back to the boards only you're so bored who said a word about having fun? then all of the time with all the other guys when you made plans at the bottom of my hand ask all the pros maybe no one knows maybe it's gotta be fight or flee so high strung pick up a gun don't look at me that's no way to be maybe it's all about having fun having fun, having some fun it's an oh no scenario from the bottom of my heart and I'll pick up a routine that's right for you and in the end you're my only friend we'll be together until the end having fun fun like a gun
Bingo's Bees 01:51
I've holed up in a ward where I won't need a walking out open the dark room, we'll drown, drink a bottle of you although they hurt, they won't help now that we're calm, we can't wait to push back with this front of will put it up, make that stand, self-assured he don't know the deal but you know your eyes won't lie for you and you know it's time your lips knew what to do
Promoter 04:31
I live with a veil of secrecy. My eyes shift so you never see me creeping. Nervous laugh to diffuse a dam of tension. The past is past but for the moment we'll focus on the weather.  I used to dream of a castle high upon a mountain top but the plans lay lost in sewers. A pit stop to relieve my aching body. What have I got? Can't climb a mountain until you can breathe fresh air. When you whispered did you mean to say that you were fed up full of so much hate? or were you trying to tell your friends that as long as you are just like them you're ok? OK Here we've got an exceptional chance of a lifetime.  Here's your chance for hidden gold.  Hail to the promoter.  Hail to the promoter.  If you're gonna come on over won't you stick around and see? I'm not the type to say this.  I'm not that old crowd.  I'm not the type but you've got to see!  Hail to the promoter! If you are going to come on over won't you stick around?
at the tone 00:10
remember how I said to you that michael is a freak? your smile eventually said what I meant was ok. teenaging is hard enough with clouds that withhold rain but oh how I tried to tell you that I didn't cave
Pirate Song 01:28
Oh we will run forever through the forest 'til the end of time fighting dragons, lizards and snakes dinosaurs will eat you if you wait I don't care for empires palaces and riches are for queens if you try to stop me i will scream "she's a witch!" and then I will run oh we must fight the pirate he is big and he has crooked teeth with a peg leg and a ruffled shirt if you take his hat then he will cry oh la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la oh
Michigan Sun 04:14
Great grandpa built a house on a lake and I grew up soaking up the rays of the michigan sun.  And what if he could see me and my sisters grieving this leftover wood from world war I?  Each dream, each year, each thing that's here is something that connects us but connection just forgets us in its sum.  And each thing I sees a thing thats been done.  And I want to feel that dream I dreamt become!  Ease on out the family- lock the keys out on the family, setting suns.  Going away  Going to stay.  Soaking up the rays.  Be back another day.  See the sun rise high over the island! feel the cold springs beneath my feet. Spinning through space, a half smile on my face, the words are so trace and I can't stop until they reach the forefront.  And just what should I make of the sharks in the lake? I must be dreaming when I'm looking up-  My eyes, my nose, went blind- and those deserted through diversions well we sing a song to serenade the dead.  And we will sing it loud or sing it from our beds.  Because some way this bitter knowledge finds a head! And I know outside the covers I am laughing with my brothers instead.   Going away Going to stay.  Be back another day depending on the pay.  Common sense?  "No" is what she said!  See the brake lights, and get in line.
I've got no plan just take my hand let's fight the fat there goes a man overboard this place is bland secondhand it tastes like sand the water ran milky tan I've got no touch can you help me out? all bets aside planning your next meal i'm axe as a bull i'll just take what's mine I feel nothing I understand everything went as planned all of the time doing things I despise just so I can provide you with things you decided you needed last night and it started a fight and I don't understand no I don't understand I've missed so much I've got a crutch waiting for a sign
Warning Sign 03:00
I work up to write you a letter to tell you everything.  But I sent it to the back of my head as a warning sign.  I've been thinking over would I ever want it any other way?  If it's truth that you're hung over what's the value in the truth then anyway?   Who am I to say that about your mother? You're such a precious thing and why feel so sore? And what's sticking to the back of your head is the caked up sand of many million years.  Everything I think I thought it cuts a corner ties a knot for two. And my mind is always changing and what's changing changes what I think is true.   We're calling out a number  -Is it 3-6-5? We're counting out the ways -I feel alive    We're painting a pretty picture- We're calling this a friend
Woohoo 02:45
Lately my heads been in a rhythm drum.  Inner sanct'ed whats become.  Never never never nervous in regarding or else I'm gone.  (Trent said a heavy thing but never really said much at all)  Last thing she cheeped shes got an atom bomb! And as for these shots well they come in the rain.  And many saw the painful side of this fear fall.  Never nervous in regarding others at the coffee farm. (Bomb diddy bum diddy day) Next day she dressed just like an atom bomb! Who's looking for me round the bend? I'm standing atop the rubble making friends.  I don't have a cup of tea but you are welcome to sit.  and I'll leave if I see fit. There's Jimmy's, there's jammers, there's on a roll.  And this shirt we tore rules us all.  Never never never never never not by phone. Nothing to see Nothing to call.
Whoa 02:52
oh I ain't got no time for you, baby ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha woah I think you know why woah all of the time you make me want to cry but I don't want to cry woah so if you're blaming me then just remember I can't think for myself I think I'm losing my mind so unless you've got something new to tell me please just let me be just let me be woah and don't ask me why woah all of the time you make me want to die but I don't want to die woah woah all of the time I thought that you would try but you don't want to try woah


released July 15, 2011

I'm turning into
Edd Chittenden, Jhon Grewell, Steve Tarkington

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by I'm turning into 2010-2011 © in their Bushwick basement apartment.
Mastered at Swan7 Recording by Matt Stein.
Album sequenced by Jedediah Smith & I'm turning into.

Thank you.


all rights reserved



I'm turning into New York

Friends since elementary school days. We make songs together. Since 2005 or so.

I'm Turning Into is
Edd Chittenden, Jhon Grewell, and Steve Tarkington

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